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INCA presents paper at GAMM, Gdansk, February 2009
One of our DPhil students, Tony McVeigh,  was invited to present a paper at GAMM, in Gdansk University of Technology, Poland, which took place between 9 - 13 Feb. 2009.  His presentation was very well received by an audience which included attendees from Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Holland, and Ireland. 

Prof. Lawrence Crane (INCA) and Niall McMahon, from DCU/INCA, also attended. 

Below is an abstract of the presentation :-


Institute for Numerical and Computational Analysis
19 Silchester Road, Glenageary
Co. Dublin, Ireland

This work deals with the propagation of a disturbance acting on a fi bre in the Melt
Spinning process, where molten polymer is ejected vertically downwards from an orifice
before being drawn onto a wind-up spool. The disturbance may be produced by a sudden
horizontal draught of air impinging on a small element of the fibre. The flow is modeled as
a wave propagation on a moving string under the influence of damping and variable
tension. The amplitude of the disturbance is obtained in closed-form along the
Characteristics which emanate from the boundaries of the localised initial disturbance; the
general solution of the damped disturbance is determined numerically.

An important aspect of the model is the ability to predict the magnitude of this
disturbance close to the orifice, where the extruded polymer is molten and therefore extremely
sensitive to disturbances.




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